Ant Control Oxfordshire

Why Should Ants Be Treated?

Ants will often enter your property foraging for food, particularly food that is sweet.  They are not a risk to human health but if they are present in sufficient numbers they can be a real nuisance.  The ants will nearly always be coming in from more than one nest therefore locating only one nest and destroying it will provide only a limited solution.

What can You Do Before Treatment?

Prior to treatment any affected areas should be cleaned and any cupboards emptied.  Any pets should be removed from the areas that are to be treated.

What Will we do to Treat the Problem?

The infested area will be treated with a gel which they eat and then take back to their nest where they share this with other ants in the colony.

It’s almost odourless and do not stain or corrode any surface that it comes in contact with.

Both inside and outdoor areas will be checked because although ants may be seen inside of your building, the nests will be located outside.

You will notice a significant improvement within hours but it may well take up to 12 hours until the nest is completely inactive.

Below are three photographs taken by us to show how they instantly feed on the gel prior to taking this back to the nest to share with the colony