Mole Control Oxfordshire

How will you know that you have a mole problem?

You will see it in the form of molehills or surface runs across your lawn or paddock!

Why should this problem be treated?

Moles cause a lot of damage to the sub strata of your garden or paddock and in extreme cases this can be a severe health and safety risk especially if livestock are present. In addition they carry disease in the form of Clostridium.

How can we help with your mole problem?

Depending on the size of the infestation we will set the required number of appropriate traps in order to quickly resolve the problem.

Traditional trapping is our chosen method for gardens, paddocks and larger agricultural areas. We will probe the area to find the correct run and set the type of trap most appropriate to the situation and which will ensure a quick and humane method of dispatching the moles.

We use a Combination of traps.

Traps are checked until the infestation is cleared.

We do offer a gassing service where we place down Aluminium Phosphide into the runs and this kills off the moles underground. Please phone and ask for prices. The gassing service needs for one of us to survey the area prior to agreeing to carry this out as it is very restricted to where we can use it.