Mouse Control Oxford

How will you know you have mice problems?

You may see or hear mice in your house, or you may smell them or see droppings.  They are often heard in your loft area and can travel in the cavities of your walls to all parts of your house, especially to places where they can find food.  You may see mice in daylight hours or more often hear them at night when it is quiet.

Why should you have the mouse problem treated?

They carry the same diseases as rats and are more likely to transmit them because they are bolder and more curious than rats, which mean they come closer to you, your food, cutlery and work surfaces etc.  Their gnawing can cause damage to your property and rodent damage to wiring has been known to cause fires.  Mice are extremely adaptable and change their behaviour to fit whatever environment they are in.  They eat your food and contaminate your food preparation areas with urine and faeces which can contain the bacteria that cause food poisoning (Solmonellosis).

What to do before mouse treatment?

The best thing to do is keep all food out of the reach of mice and make sure your hygiene is of the highest standard.

What will we do to treat the problem of mice?

Mice can be difficult to control and population reduction should be the goal.  This can be done by trapping and poisoning.  Poison baiting is the most effective and quickest method to deal with mouse infestation.  The right type of bait must be used and this must be placed in the correct places.  We will ensure that the correct bait is used and placed properly.  In addition, some proofing may be required in order to keep other mice from entering your house.

What happens after treatment?

To ensure that a future infestation does not happen block up holes around pipes that can lead into your house, i.e. waste pipes from your sink, washing machine etc.