Flea Control

How do you know you have a Problem With Fleas?

Quite simply, you or members of your family will be bitten, generally on the lower legs but bites can occur on any part of the body, especially on young children because they are nearer to the ground or playing on carpeted areas.

Reaction to bites can vary from just itching, to swelling and redness, some people react immediately whilst others may react some time after being bitten.

The flea infestation may have started from your own pets, by visiting pets or, from the pets of previous occupants.  Fleas live in the carpets of your house and leave this area to feed on your cat or dog.  They will also feed on you and your family, preferring women and children and may move onto your beds and clothing before going back to the carpet.

Why Should You Have This Flea Problem Treated?

The infestation should be treated because fleas cause real discomfort to you, your family, friends and your pets.  More significantly they can transmit Tapeworm and can bite visitors who may in fact take fleas back to their homes.

What Can You Do In Preparation for Treatment?

The most important preparation for treatment is effective hygiene.  The whole floor area of the house should be thoroughly vacuumed.  In addition, furniture must be vacuumed ensuring that cushions are removed from chairs and settees and everything is cleaned.

The vacuum cleaner bag must be removed and placed in a tied bin bag and then put in an outside bin.  Pet bedding must be washed on a hot wash or better still discarded and replaced.

How Will The Infestation Be Treated?

A strong residual liquid or powder based insecticide will be applied to all affected areas.  It is almost odourless, and does not corrode or stain.  The whole of the affected area will be either sprayed or dusted, including furniture and curtains.

What Happens After Flea Treatment?

Don’t let your pets walk on the treated area until it is dry.  You and your family can walk on it as long as you are wearing shoes or slippers.  Do not vacuum the area for at least two weeks and when you do make sure that you dispose of the bag away from your house.

The fleas will not die immediately, so you may see activity for up to 21 days after treatment, don’t worry about this, it is normal.
To ensure success please have your pets treated with with a reputable anti-flea agent normally recommended by the local vet.