Cluster Fly Control

How will you know if you have Cluster Flies?

Cluster flies live outside in the spring and summer months feeding on what they can find in your garden or paddocks.  They mainly appear in your house in late Autumn and Winter and are sometimes called “Attic Flies”.  You will see them either dead or alive.  If they are dieing they will appear to be lazy in their movements and are often seen around windows or in loft spaces.  You often see a lot of dead bodies around your upstairs windows.  You sometimes see them sunning themselves on outside walls.

Why should you have this problem treated?

Although not a health issue, it is not pleasant seeing hundreds of dead flies on or around your bedroom windows.  There is also the issue of constantly clearing up and disposing of the dead flies.

What can you do before cluster fly treatment?

There isn’t much you can do except ensure that all areas that are to be treated are as dust free as possible so that the insecticide used will be as effective as possible.

How will we treat the infestation of cluster fly?
We use a machine know as a fogging machine to blow insecticide into the voids and loft areas where possible. We use hand held sprays to spray a residual insecticide around window and door frames</div>
What should you do after treatment?

Keep your pets away from the treated areas until the chemicals have dried completely.  The chemicals will remain active for up to 3 months as long as they are not washed off, so don’t wash down these areas.   The treatment is a control action and will not completely eradicate the problem because there is a possibility of survivors who will hibernate and breed again.  However, most flies will be killed and the situation will be greatly improved.  You may still see some flying around for a few hours but then this will stop.

It is important to tell you that Cluster Flies do use the same hibernation sites year after year so it is more than likely that this problem will recur.