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Freezer Trailer for hire

Here at Pest Solutions we have recommended the use of freezing clothes and carpet/rugs to our customers for years, however once we realised that most peoples freezers were full of food and had no extra capacity we decided to take the plunge and invest in a Freezer trailer.

This unit can be either parked at your house and secured or at our main office. It holds up to 80 shopping crates worth of clothes or you can use hanging rails to support your larger items.

The trailer can be hired out to you for the length of time you need it. We deliver and set this up all you need is a 3pin 13amp socket within 20 metres of where we park it. You have full control over what goes in and you will hold the keys to secure the locked doors at the rear.

If space is a problem then why not fill the crates yourself and we will collect them bring them back to our main office and freeze the items for you.

A few moth species can unfortunately cause a lot of unsightly damage to clothes, carpets and other materials in your home or business.

Taking immediate action as soon as you see the signs of moths is vital.

FACT: Moths don’t actually eat fabric, their main purpose is to reproduce, its their larvae that do all the damage.

In the UK there are 4 species of moth found in homes that can cause problems and these moths have differing preferences for materials, which means their larvae cause slightly different damage to fabrics and materials, for example:

Common clothes moth larvae cause irregular shaped holes in fabrics

Case bearing clothes moth larvae create smaller, more regular shaped holes in garments

Brown house moth larvae tend to prefer animal based materials like feathers and leather

White shouldered house moth larvae scavenge on a wide range of food, so are a little less damaging to textiles

More facts about Moths – 

Unlike other species, clothes moths, otherwise known as Tineola biselliella, don’t fly towards light. Instead, they will quite happily spend months concealed in dark wardrobes where they can breed in peace and let their progeny feast on your favourite clothes.

They lay around 40 eggs over a three–week period, then die, although males can mate throughout their full life cycle.

Another cause of carpet or fur damage can be fur or carpet beetles rather than moths.